There has been a lot of chat recently both on and offline about the “Internet of Things” but what does this mean for us non- geeks out there and what will the benefits of this development be for a home owner?

The “Internet of Things” will see more every day, traditional objects like fridges, TVs, heating systems and other household good such as toasters and microwaves all make their way on to the internet and transfer data over a network using unique identifiers and without human or computer interaction.

At this year’s Mobile World Congress ,  Qualcomm, one of the worlds biggest telecommunications company’s presented their vision of the connected home which showed almost everything in your home being connected and controlled using your mobile devices.

This included a new smart lock for your front door which opened automatically when the home owner was near and can be controlled by an app that connects using Bluetooth technology, new smart TV’s that have built in notification systems that will allow parents to monitor their children’s internet usage and inform them when their child is online.

There are also systems that would allow you to change all the clocks in your home with just the touch of a button. They also displayed new lighting systems that will flash to alert you should there be an intruder, these lights will also be controlled by an app and allow you to change the colour of them.

The alarm system will also have a built in HD camera with night vision and a microphone that will track changes in the room using sound, temperature, humidity and motion all of which can raise an alarm should they be triggered.

Fridges will also have various sensors that will alert you when you are running low on products, for example, one sensor may be placed under the milk and will notify you when it senses you are running out of milk.

You can also set up alerts from the fridge which will alert you when someone opens the fridge door such as making the lights flash or sounding an alarm.

If you are a wine lover then you are in for a treat, the new systems also included a connected wine cooler which will notify you across all your devices including light, TV’s and mobile devices all notifying you that you are about to run out of wine!

This is just a small insight into the technology that will soon be available in our connected homes. I think you will agree that some of these advancements are very exciting and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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