Moving into a home of your own is an exciting experience. Nothing beats the feeling of a new start in a brand new home and the comfort that it brings. For every rainbow, there must be rain and it seems that for every new home feeling, there is the shock of unexpected bills. There is money saving tips for new home owners, though, which can minimise expenses throughout the home.

Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

For an easy, relatively cheap way to help both the environment and save money- look no further! They last 8 times longer than non-eco light bulbs; they use less power and have 4 times the wattage of non-eco light bulbs. Saving your money and the environment is not only good for your conscience; it’s also a must for new homeowners. Once they’re installed, it’s one less thing to worry about.

Dual Fuel Energy Suppliers

Speaking of one less thing to worry about, Southern Electric has recently implemented a price freeze which will remain ‘frozen’ until 2016! No surprise bills and on top of that they’ve reduced an average of £38 a year for dual fuel customers.

Go Brand-Less

Anybody who regularly shops at the likes of Lidl and Aldi will tell you that they haven’t looked back since- and with good reason! These shops provide the same foodstuffs as major leading supermarkets but without the price tags that come with buying branded foods. For every £50 spent in a leading supermarket, £20 could be saved by going to Lidl or Aldi and going brand-less.

Choose to Stream

With catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD and ITVPlayer, live tv is becoming obsolete. Most people are choosing to switch to the likes of Netflix and Lovefilm, both of which are remarkably less per month than the average tv package.

Home Automation

Installing timers for your heating, electrics and lighting will not only save you money, as you’re never wasting energy, it is also a good way to ensure you’re waking up and coming home to a warm house. Lighting can be set to switch on if you’re out of an evening and want to feel safer in the knowledge that your home looks occupied. There are also now apps such as Nest which give you complete control over your home whenever and wherever you please.

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