There are few stains more frustrating, and let’s face it, disgusting as a soaked-in blood stained item of clothing. If you’ve experienced this and didn’t react fast enough, you’ll know the struggle that comes with removing a blood stain. This post will offer some alternative methods to remove blood stains and restore your clothes to good-as-new.


Before trying anything else, try white vinegar. White vinegar is one of the most used alternative cleaning methods and with good reason. It works fantastically without harming your skin or clothing. To remove a blood stain using white vinegar, apply it directly to the stain and leave it for 10 minutes before blotting with a cloth.


Cola is widely described as an unhealthy drink but very little is said of how useful it is as a household product. For example- did you know that pouring a can of cola into a toilet bowl makes it work as a toilet cleaner? Another great thing it does is remove blood stains. Simply soak the garment in cola and leave it there until the stain is completely lifted.


Who loves WD-40? Everybody loves WD-40! It protects cars from rusting, lubricates basically anything around the house and stops doors from squeaking. WD-40 is not only great for those squeaky doors but can also be used to remove blood stains from garments.

Just spray the WD-40 directly on to the stain then wait for a couple of minutes and wash as normal. The WD-40 helps lift the stain so that it will come off easily but it has to be noted that stains are much easier to remove if they are fresh so try and always act fast.

Talcum Powder

Just when you thought talcum powder was outdated and used exclusively by grannies and that weird aunt that always buys you dodgy bath sets for Christmas, talcum has come up trumps as being an effective blood stain remover. Mix with water until a paste is created, apply directly to the stain and once it’s dried, brush away and wash as normal.

Meat Tenderizer

Much like talcum powder, mix meat tenderiser with water until you have a paste, let it dry, brush it off, and wash as normal and voila! You have good as new clothing! The interesting thing about this particular method is the tenderiser breaks down the protein in the blood which in turn makes it easier to remove!

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