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Top Ten Money Saving Tips For Students

So, you’ve finished school, you’re heading out into the Big Bad World and suddenly, money is your biggest worry. Moving into shared accommodation saves a lot of living costs but sometimes it still seems as if there’s not a month goes by without money worries and a lot of penny counting. There are some simple ways to save money and make life a lot easier for you.

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5 Amazing Ways To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes


There are few stains more frustrating, and let’s face it, disgusting as a soaked-in blood stained item of clothing. If you’ve experienced this and didn’t react fast enough, you’ll know the struggle that comes with removing a blood stain. This post will offer some alternative methods to remove blood stains and restore your clothes to good-as-new.

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5 Money Saving Tips for New Home Owners

Moving into a home of your own is an exciting experience. Nothing beats the feeling of a new start in a brand new home and the comfort that it brings. For every rainbow, there must be rain and it seems that for every new home feeling, there is the shock of unexpected bills. There is money saving tips for new home owners, though, which can minimise expenses throughout the home.

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Make the Most from Your Energy Supplier

Many people have a hard time making ends meet on a monthly basis, and one of the best ways to fight against this problem is to try to lower the monthly cost of the electric bill. Although electricity is needed for basic necessities such as refrigeration, air conditioning and heat, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of people who waste a lot of the energy that they get from their supplier.

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The Connected Home Of The Future

There has been a lot of chat recently both on and offline about the “Internet of Things” but what does this mean for us non- geeks out there and what will the benefits of this development be for a home owner?

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How To Back Up All Your iPhone Data For 69p Per Year

100GB iDrive Cloud for iPhone and iPad

After offering their android customers 100gb back up and cloud sync for just 69p per year, iDrive have announced on that they would also be offering a similar deal to iPhone users.

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How To Make Pancakes Without Making A Mess



I have to admit I do love a nice warm pancake, however, one of the reasons that I don’t tend to make them as much these days is because of the mess that it makes. Its almost impossible to make pancakes without leaving a mess and If you’re anything like me then you will have milk, eggs and flower all over the place.

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How To Stop Your iPhone Charger From Breaking


If you’re anything like me then you will have no doubt had a few broken iPad/iPhone chargers. In this post we look at a great way  you can save your charger from snapping as the neck, which seems to be one of the most common problems with Apple’s chargers.  All you need to do is take a spring from a pen and wrap it round the neck of the charger.

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15 Ways To Save Money – Infographic


Saving money isn’t easy, especially when you have lots of bills to pay and have other living expenses like owning a car or your own home. For some, spending money like there’s no tomorrow can be an addiction, whether it be on clothes, gadgets or other useless junk it can be difficult to stop. In this post we share a fantastic infographic that show us some money hacks that will help you save money.

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